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frequently asked

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🌐 I want to send a Ufone Pakistan internet top-up, what should I do?

✅ How can I check if my Ufone Pakistan top-up has been sent?

🏁 Does my beneficiary have to activate the top-up received?

📳 How can I verify that my beneficiary's phone number can be refilled with Monisnap?

🤳 Can I top up my own Ufone Pakistan number?

What is Ufone mobile Pakistan?

Ufone is the third mobile operator to enter the Pakistani market. The company was launched in 2001 in Islamabad and is a subsidiary of the state owned Pakistan Telecommunication company. In comparison to its competitors, Ufone is the smallest GSM mobile service. It has 22 million subscribers, and owns 13.5% of market share in Pakistan.

Until a few months ago, Ufone was the only mobile operator in Pakistan to not own 4G spectrum. This resulted in important profit losses, while competitors grew stronger. But prior to this, between 2003 and 2011, Ufone's revenue grew by an average annual rate of 46.6% per year. This growth was quicker than any other company in the industry's revenue which was already very fast growth.

Do you want to know more about their offers? Their website shows all the possibilities offered by Ufone. You can order a SIM card, buy devices, or know more about their mobile offers.

If you need to chat with friends or family, you should know that there are different plans to top-up your phone with Ufone. You can get mobile top ups for calls, text messages, and even internet data. You can download the ""My Ufone App"". It' s a permanent solution to your needs.

What are Ufone's best offers?

You need to chat, call family and friends or surf on the internet, but are out of credit? Do you know that you can top-up your mobile phone easily and efficiently? With Monisnap, you can recharge your mobile or someone else's in a few seconds.

To learn more about Ufone's special top-up offers, we highly recommend going to their website. The operator provides 7 different all-in one offers. Most of these offers give you the possibility to make calls, go on the internet, or send an SMS.

To help you select amongst them, we've made a list of the different options you can have in your offer.

-Contract lenght, or validity: starting 1 hour to 30 days. -Internet data: from 10 MB, to 10 GB. -Minutes: You can have offer with 100 mins and others with 6000 or 8000 mins. -Cost: There is a wide range of prices. Depending on your offer, it can start with 18 rs. However, it's still important to note that there are 3 big offers. For each offer, the options are different depending on how you top-up your mobile.

For instance, with an offer called ""Nayi SIM offer"" you can buy a new SIM or switch to Ufone Network. If you recharge your mobile by dialing 1000#, you get free WhatsApp for 3 months. If you only get a recharge of rs. 50, the plan includes 1 GB internet, 1 GB Facebook, 500 mns for calls and 500 SMS.

To top-up your mobile with lower fees, we encourage you to do it directly via Monisnap's website. Most mobile operators include fees in their prepaid plan recharges. These fees can be considerable depending on your mobile operator.

If you're interested by this offer, you should know that Monisnap introduced a loyalty star system: when you recharge your phone, you win 1 loyalty star. If you get 4 loyalty stars, you'll win a no-fees top-ups.

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