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frequently asked

📱 How to top up the Zong mobile of your relative living in Pakistan 🇵🇰?

👋 How does my beneficiary receive his Zong top-up in Pakistan? 🇵🇰

🌐 I want to send a Zong Pakistan internet top-up, what should I do?

✅ How can I check if my Zong Pakistan top-up has been sent?

🏁 Does my beneficiary have to activate the top-up received?

📳 How can I verify that my beneficiary's phone number can be refilled with Monisnap?

🤳 Can I top up my own Zong Pakistan number?

What is Zong 4G mobile Pakistan?

Owned by China Mobile, Zong 4G is a Pakistan based mobile operator. This subsidiary or China mobile was launched in 2008. Zong 4G has 26 million subscribers, and a market share of 21% among operators in Pakistan. Zong operates 22 customer service centres, 305 franchises, and 190,000 retail customer points nationwide

Zong currently uses GSM and LTE technologies among others. It was the first to launch 4G in Pakistan, and the first to reach 13 million 4G customers. The company recently tested 5G successfully in Zong headquarters at Islamabad in August 2019. This accomplishment made the firm the first and only local mobile operator to do so

Do you want to know more about their offers? Their website shows all the possibilities offered by Zong. You can order a SIM card, buy devices, or know more about their mobile offers. Zong offers prepaid, postpaid, ladies, and youth plans.

If you need to chat with friends or family, you should know that there are different plans to top-up your phone with Ufone. You can get mobile top ups for calls, text messages, and even internet data. You can download the ""My Zong App"". It' s a permanent solution to your needs.

What are Zong's best offers?

You want to top-up your phone, but you don't know the easiest and most efficient way? Thanks to Monisnap, you can call your family in a few seconds. You can get this possibility by visiting our website: you can recharge your phone or someone else's. This could be a good solution, if you need to top-up your Zong mobile.

On Zong, you can find differents plans. There are the 11 all-offers, in which you can make calls, go on the internet, or send an SMS. It can also provide all these services together depending on your needs.

To help, we've made a list of all the different options you can have in your plan:

  • Contract lenght, or validity: from a weekly offer to a monthly one.
  • Internet data: From 500 MB to 30 GB
  • Minutes: You can get for instance 40 off-net mins of calls, or 8000 mins of call.
  • Cost: There are different prices depending on your budget/ needs. It starts with 200 Pkr to 1300 Pkr.

To top-up your mobile with lower fees, we encourage you to do it directly via Monisnap's website. Most mobile operators include fees in their prepaid plan recharges. These fees can be considerable depending on your mobile operator.

If you're interested by this offer, you should know that Monisnap introduced a loyalty star system: when you recharge your phone, you win 1 loyalty star. If you get 4 loyalty stars, you'll win a no-fees top-ups.

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