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🌍 In which countries EE mobile is available?

🔦 Where can I find the validity of my prepaid plan?

👓 Do I have to register to My EE account in order to get a prepaid SIM?

🏃‍♂️ Can I top up my phone after the end of the validity?

🚀 Is it possible to top up my phone abroad?

⚡ Can I cancel my contract if I'm disappointed?

🧭 On Monisnap, can I find the same plans as on EE mobile website?

EE mobile : prepaid plans of the biggest mobile network operator in the UK!

EE mobile is the first telecom company in the United Kingdom. With almost 30 million customers, EE is the leading operator of the market. That’s why they are proposing the best offers of the country. EE mobile is known to be a pioneer in the prepaid card development. With its “Pay as you go” plans, people can enjoy the freedom of these offers since a while! Here are some of the best proposals they have for you:

  • £5 Pack: The cheapest but plan but still comfortable. With 2GB internet data, unlimited texts and 100mins of calls, it’ll be sufficient for anyone who need a simple and fair offer.
  • £15 Recommended Pack: The medium pack. Not too expensive, he still gives you 8GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for your calls. You need more?
  • £20 Pack: Unlimited calls and texts, but with 15GB data usage. If you consume a large amount of internet data, that should be useful.
  • £30 Pack: All the same, assorted with 60GB internet data. That should convey to hard internet workers!

All these plans lasts 30 days and will assure you EE mobile’s superfast speeds.

How to start your EE mobile “Pay as you go” offer and enjoy it in the UK?

Nothing is easier than starting your EE mobile’s prepaid plan. First, go to EE website and choose between one of the different “Pay as you go” plans. Your top up will last for 30 days. The SIM is free and will be delivered already charged.

Then, enter your delivery details: name, phone number, email and address search. Select one or two SIMs, if you prefer having a replacement one. Just click on “Send me my free SIM” and that’s it: your card will be delivered in about 2 working days. EE mobile also allows you to choose a “Pay as you go phone” at a fair price with a £5 minimum top up. Once you’ve received your SIM, follow the instructions and enjoy your prepaid plan for 30 days.

At the end of the contract, you’ll have to top up again. If your offer isn’t sufficient, you’ll be able to change your plan. MONI (ex Allo by Monisnap) gives you the opportunity to do this really fast and easily. Moreover, you can use our website to top up someone else’s mobile anywhere in the world, as we provide the offers of around 800 operators!

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