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Call credit

Call credit

  • Top up Lebara Mobile United Kingdom £5.00

    Top up Lebara Mobile United Kingdom £5.00

    • ⚡️ Pin based topup
    • ⏳ Valid for 90 days
  • Top up Lebara Mobile United Kingdom £10.00
    Our Best!

    Top up Lebara Mobile United Kingdom £10.00

    • ⚡️ Pin based topup
    • ⏳ Valid for 90 days
  • Top up Lebara Mobile United Kingdom £20.00

    Top up Lebara Mobile United Kingdom £20.00

    • ⚡️ Pin based topup
    • ⏳ Valid for 90 days

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Lebara mobile: SIM only deals and prepaid offers for UK residents

Lebara mobile is a mobile network operator created in London in 2001. Thanks to his advantageous prices for roaming calls, Lebara is a serious competitor for traditional network operators in the international calls market.

Lebara is only proposing SIM only deals. What is this? SIM only deals are exactly like prepaid offers : you’ll get a SIM with some credits and you’ll use your own phone. The bundle of options that will be provided with the SIM depends on your choice. The validity of your offer will last during 30 days without any contract. If your allowances are over, you’ll have to top-up your phone in order to get back some internet data or phone credit. With Monisnap, you can top-up your phone instantly and easily.

If you choose a SIM only plan, you’ll need a phone which isn’t locked on a particular network as Lebara mobile uses Vodafone network and many handsets are locked. Depending on the top-up you choose, you’ll benefit from different allowances. For instance, the £5 top-up gives you access to 2GB internet data, 1000 UK minutes and 1000 UK texts. Like every Lebara’s offers, you’ll also be able to call and text freely with all UK Lebara numbers!

What are Lebara's assets compared to other SIM only providers?

With Lebara mobile, you’ll find a lot of advantages. Among the mobile operators market, Lebara is offering many possibilities with its SIM only deals:

  • No bill shocks: if you call someone or surf on the internet and you accidentally exceed the limits of your bundle, it will be capped at zero. No worries, you can enjoy your deal without getting surprises with your bills.
  • No credit checks: You won’t have to do a credit check when signing up to Lebara’s offers. Lebara won’t ask any approval to your bank.
  • The best network: Lebara is entirely covered by Vodafone’s network, award winning thanks to his average data speeds of more than 20mbps.

With Lebara, you’ll also enjoy international calls. Beyond the classical Europe Zone included with all mobile offers, Lebara offers you unlimited international minutes to many countries: Australia, Canada, Israel, the US, China, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea and Thailand. For other countries, you can see international roaming rates on Lebara’s website. Choose your best offer and top-up with Monisnap: you’ll then dispose from one of the best mobile network operator, with a cheap deal and combined with our solution for quick, easy and fair top-up. With Allo, you’ll be able to top-up your phone from anywhere and with any device.

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