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Asda Mobile United Kingdom: why you can trust them

Asda Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, based in the United Kingdom. You can find Asda Mobile in over 360 stores across the UK, but also online on their website. Asda Mobile won the “Best Mobile Network” which one? The award for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. Lately, which one? awarded Asda Mobile again for recommended provider, in 2018 and 2019.

Asda Mobile offers a large panel of Pay As You Go bundles, starting from £5 per month. They have the most affordable standard rates for a UK provider. Their network is powered by EE, one of the best UK’s network. It certifies you a great and fast 4G coverage in the country.

You don’t have to sign up for a plan if you don’t want to : no contracts, but also no limits. Select your SIM and top up to suit your need, Asda Mobile is completely flexible and adaptable.

The bundles offered by Asda Mobile to you are automatically activate abroad, in over 50 countries, included Europe. Roam like you’re home with Asda Mobile! There is no extra cost.

Big coverage, fair prices, fast customer service, you can trust Asda Mobile for your phone!

How to top-up with Asda Mobile United Kingdom?

There are different ways to top-up your mobile with Asda. Please, take a look:

Automatic recurring top-up: if you need the same top-up every month, chose the automatic recurring top-up. Call 2732 and select a particular date to recharge your mobile. You can also use this setting when your balance gets low. You will never be out of credit!

Automatic recurring top-up by text: it’s the same process, but with more flexibility ! You can set up an automatic top-up between £5-£50, every 7,10, 14 or 30 days. Just join your payment card to your Asda Mobile account. After that, text this code to 2732 : AUTOTOP###

Automatic low balance top-up: Never be out of credit! You can set up your Asda Mobile phone to a limit that recharges automatically your phone.

Top-up card: Buy a top-up card on Asda Mobile website or on Asda store in your area. You can also call on 2732.

Voucher: You can find and buy a top-up voucher in any Asda Store, but also at your local Post Office or in all the store with the top-up logo. To activate your top-up, please call 2732 and follow the steps, or text VOUCHER to 2732.

By phone and text: if you just need a simply top-up, please ring 2732 to register your payment card. After, you can call or text 2732 and follow the step to top-up.

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