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  • Top up Telenor 414 PYG

    Top up Telenor 414 PYG

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  • Top up Telenor 621 PYG

    Top up Telenor 621 PYG

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  • Top up Telenor 1035 PYG

    Top up Telenor 1035 PYG

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  • Top up Telenor 2070 PYG

    Top up Telenor 2070 PYG

    • Instant topup
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🌐 I want to send a Telenor Pakistan internet top-up, what should I do?

✅ How can I check if my Telenor Pakistan top-up has been sent?

🏁 Does my beneficiary have to activate the top-up received?

📳 How can I verify that my beneficiary's phone number can be refilled with Monisnap?

🤳 Can I top up my own Telenor Pakistan number?

Telenor Pakistan: easy top-up for your mobile and data needs!

Telenor is the second largest mobile operator in Pakistan. It is owned by the Telenor Group, an international provider of data, content and mobile services since 1855. The group is now present in 9 markets worldwide in Asia and Scandinavia. Telenor Pakistan officially launched in April 2004 by acquiring a license for providing GSM services. The company gathers around 45 million subscribers, and has a 27% cellular market share in Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan employs more than 1300 employees.

Telenor Pakistan covers more than 80% of the country's population, either in remote or urban areas. The company has a network of over 11.000 cells sites. 80% of them have 3G and 70% have 4G.

Do you want to know more about their offers? Their website shows all the possibilities offered by Telenor, depending on your wishes. You can order a SIM card, buy devices, or know more about their mobile offers.

If you need to chat with friends or family, you should know that there are different plans to top-up your phone with Telenor. You can get mobile top ups for calls, text messages, and even internet data. You can download the ""My Telenor App"". It' s a permanent solution to your needs.

What are Telenor's best offers?

You need to chat, call your family or surf on the internet, but don't have enough credit? Then you have to top-up your phone. To do that, discover all the offers that you can select to top-up your Telenor phone using Allo.

On Telenor, you can find differents plans. There are the 11 classical offers, in which you can make calls, go on the internet, or send an SMS. It can also provide all these services together depending on your needs.

To help, we've made a list of all the different options you can have in your plan:

  • Contract lenght, or validity: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or 30 days.
  • Internet data: From 1 MB to 10 GB
  • Minutes: You can get for instance 600 mins of calls, or unlimited plan.
  • Cost: There are different prices depending on your budget/ needs.

To top-up your mobile with lower fees, we encourage you to do it directly via Monisnap's website. Most mobile operators include fees in their prepaid plan recharges. These fees can be considerable depending on your mobile operator.

If you're interested by this offer, you should know that Monisnap introduced a loyalty star system: when you recharge your phone, you win 1 loyalty star. If you get 4 loyalty stars, you'll win a no-fees top-ups.

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