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Salaam Afghanistan: mobile top-up plans to stay connected to the people you love!

Incorporated in 2013, Salaam Network is the latest entrant in Afghanistan’s telecommunication industry providing a top-quality, affordable, 100% Afghani solution.

Envisioned by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Salaam is committed to revolutionizing the telecommunication sector in Afghanistan by complementing the nationwide fixed network with 3G GSM voice and data services. Their vision is to become Afghanistan’s telecom network of choice connecting everyone, everywhere.

You have family or friends living in Afghanistan? You want to make sure that they have enough credit to call you? You can do so by choosing a Salaam mobile-top up plan from the ones provided by Allo. Prepaid cards top up the Salaam mobile of the person you want to be in contact with in Afghan Afghani. Your purchase will however be paid in pound sterling.

Allo offers the number 1 mobile phone top-up service in the world. You can buy prepaid cards to top up your mobile or a friend's who lives abroad. All in just a few seconds.

Purchase mobile top-ups to credit minutes, texts or mobile data. We work with operators all around the world to offer you the best service as cheaply as possible. Enjoy!

Top-up any Salaam Afghanistan phone number with the amount you like

To top up a mobile, enter the phone number to top up and then buy the prepaid card you want. After payment, the top-up will automatically be credited to the mobile number provided.

The purchase and activation of the mobile top-up will be done in just a few seconds:

- Enter the country and the phone number that you would like to top up
- Choose the Salaam Afghanistan mobile top-up that you would like
- Pay on our secure site

All good! The recipient's mobile will be credited in one of the following ways, depending on the top-up purchased:

1) If it's an ""Instant top-up"", it will automatically be credited to the recipient's mobile and they will receive confirmation by text
2) If it's a ""PIN top-up"", you'll receive a PIN code by email and in your customer space with instructions to follow to top up the mobile

The type of top-up (instant or PIN) is shown in the description for each top-up.

For every Salaam Afghanistan mobile top-up using Allo, you will have the following benefits:
• Instant top-up plans, that reach the recipient in a matter of seconds
• Call credit available for up to two months
• A secured payment platform

For each mobile top-up, you earn one loyalty star. Four stars equal one top-up with zero fees. That’s a real deal!"

F.A.Q Salaam

🌎 Can I top-up a mobile from another country?

With Allo by Monisnap, you can top-up a phone number from any country you like, 24/7, if you have internet connection to a phone, laptop, or computer.

🧾 Will I receive an invoice after payment?

Yes, you will receive an invoice after payment. After your purchase, you will receive your confirmation and the attached bill by email. You can also check your transactions history from your Allo customer space.

📣 If I recharge a friend's mobile online, how will they be notified?

After paying for the top-up, you will have the chance to share the information with your recipient directly via WhatsApp, by text or email. You can use the available pre-filled messages to save you some time 😃. Know that you can also do this at any time from your Allo customer space.

📞 How can I contact Salaam Afghanistan?

To contact Salaam, you can use the following methods:

• Write the 774 after the mobile in question
• There is an assistance phone number you can call: (+93) 744 444 444 or (+46) 709 701 390
• Send an email to [email protected]
• Go to the Salaam official website:

💳 How can I pay for a top-up?

You can purchase a top-up and pay it using either a Visa or a MasterCard. All payments are secured through our platform.

All payments made from Great Britain will be charged in pound sterling.

⏱ How long does it take for the phone to be recharged?

Charging is credited to the recipient mobile in seconds in most cases. When a PIN is to learn from the phone to recharge, the time is a few seconds after entering the code.

Note that the period up to 10 minutes for some operators when face a large number of applications.

❓ How to be sure that the recipient has received the recharge?

If you are the beneficiary:
You will then receive a confirmation SMS to your carrier

If you are not the beneficiary:
The number you have entered will receive an SMS from his phone company confirming the recharge received. In all cases, you can check the balance on your credit from your network from your phone at any time."

⛔️ I sent the airtime to the wrong number, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. The credit is sent instantly, it is impossible to cancel the transaction. So take care to check the phone number and the phone company you ask.