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Afghan Wireless: easy mobile top-up from Afghanistan’s first wireless communications provider

Afghan Wireless provides data and mobile plans as well as WI-FI, 4G LTE, and the only HD voice service in Afghanistan.

Afghan Wireless Communication Company was founded in 1998 as Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company. Afghan Wireless, or AWCC for short, led the country’s transition from an archaic switchboard telephone system to a digitalized one, soon after the company got its license to operate. The company has held an important part in the country’s development by creating over 8000 employments locally and approximately 100,000 jobs indirectly. By 2017 Afghan Wireless became Afghanistan’s largest private employer.

Afghan Wireless has made it its mission to connect Afghans to the rest of the world. Partnering with over 425 network carriers in more than 125 countries, Afghan Wireless in nowadays being used by more than 5 million satisfied customers. Originally deployed in the cities of Kabul and Kandahar, Afghan Wireless now operates in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

Afghan Wireless has made it possible; we make it easier for you to always stay connected to your family and friends in Afghanistan. Choose an Afghan Wireless top-up mobile plan from the ones provided by Allo and you will never have to wait for a call again.

How do the Afghan Wireless mobile top-up plans work?

Are you in dire need to share news with someone dear to you but you no longer have any credit left? Do you want your family and friends to be able to reach you at all times? Allo has the solution for you.

Pick a mobile top-up plan from Afghan Wireless for you or a friend by following these simple steps:

• Input the number you wish to top up. Make sure to double-check the digits as top-ups are non-refundable.
• Choose the amount you wish to credit. You have a variety of plans, ranging from £1.79 to £50.79, which immediately transfer the equivalent in Afghan Afghani.
• Use any Visa or MasterCard to pay for your plan.

You can always rely on Allo for your mobile recharges. Here are the benefits:

• Instant top-up plans, that reach the recipient in a matter of seconds
• Call credit available for up to two months
• A secured payment platform

As a bonus, for each top-up, mobile or data, you earn one loyalty star. Four stars equal one top-up with zero fees.

Don’t miss out on a change to talk to your loved ones!

F.A.Q Afghan Wireless

🇦🇫 How can I buy an Afghan Wireless mobile prepaid card on Allo?

The purchase and activation of the mobile top-up takes only a few seconds:

• Enter the country and the phone number that you would like to top up
• Choose the Afghan Wireless mobile top-up that you would like
• Pay on our secure site

All good! The amount will automatically be credited to the recipient's mobile and they will receive confirmation by text.

🔎 How can I check that the Afghan Wireless Afghanistan credit has been added successfully?

Text ""SMS"" to 152 from the recharged mobile and follow the instructions.

The top-up is usually done in a few seconds, although a maximum of 10 minutes may elapse before Afghan Wireless takes your top-up into account.

📞 How can I contact Afghan Wireless?

To contact Afghan Wireless, you can use the following methods:

• Call152 from the topped-up number in Afghanistan
• Call the assistance phone number: (+93) 700 830 830
• Send an email to the customer support service: [email protected]
• Go to the Afghan Wireless official website:

📣 If I recharge a friend's mobile online, how will he be notified?

After paying for the top-up, you will have the chance to share information with your recipient directly via WhatsApp, by text or email. You can use the available pre-filled messages to save you some time. Know that you can also do this at any time from your Allo customer space.

💳 How can I pay for a top-up?

You can purchase a top-up and pay it using either a Visa or a MasterCard. All payments are secured through our platform.

All payments made from Great Britain will be charged in pound sterling.

🧾 Will I receive an invoice after payment?

Yes, you will receive an invoice after payment. After your purchase, you will receive your confirmation and the attached bill by email. You can also check your transactions history from your Allo customer space.

🌎 Can I top-up a mobile from another country?

With Allo by Monisnap, you can top-up a phone number from any country you like, 24/7, if you have internet connection to a phone, laptop, or computer.